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Kodiak Brown Bear on the River20210827-_K2A314820210830-_K2A0209Sitka Black Tailed FawnHarbor Seal PodSleepy Sea OtterCurious Sea OtterKodiak Bear Cub Class Picture20210830-_K2A003820210830-_K2A9990Kodiak Bear Cub PlaytimeSleepy Bear Cub - A 1.5 year old Kodiak brown bear cub rests on a Cottonwood tree log.20210830-_K2A8568Whitetail Deer at SunriseMajestic Mountain Ram and LambCan I Trust You? - 1 of 4Mule Deer Buck PortraitBuck Among Snowy EvergreensDramatic Bugling ElkRocky Mountain Bighorn Ram